As a confidentiality contract is signed between the client and the therapist the personal details of the client are not disclosed 

"As a PLR Therapist I am impressed by Suman’s ability to persevere to assist her clients. I have been regressed by Suman and it was a wonderful experience.
Suman took keen interest in understanding the issue, explained how PLR was going to work and patiently took me through the stages.
I recommend her to anyone interested in this type of modality for achieving wellness"

-S (Hyderabad) 

"First of all I would like to say a Big Thanks for regressing me so well, this was my first ever regression, I really feel blessed to have you as my therapist.


I dearly appreciate your professionalism and efforts during the session, it was one of the best experience I had, during the whole session you were very nice and gentle. 


After our session I was very relaxed, calm and cool, on top of all you were able to took me in my childhood where i did retrieve one of the best memory which is worth millions of dollars.


I must say the outcome of our session was beyond expectation and would never miss a chance to have another session with you, in my next trip to Pune."

-S (Gwalior)

"I have had extensive anxiety for the best part of my life. Overthinking and stressing out was a part of my system. It came to a point where it started to affect my day to day routines and my health. 

I got to know about Suman through a friend and decided to see her as none of the medicines were helping. 

She very intently listened to me and it was extremely easy to open her to her during the history taking session.

Her professionalism is truly commendable.

After my first session I felt light and happier immediately. 

After three sessions I can see life in a new dimension, I am happier, and also don't stress about unnecessary things and have learnt to go with the flow.

We don't realize how deeply linked an issue can be to your past. 

I would recommend anyone struggling with issues to try and trust the results of PLRT and hypnosis because the past has more answers than we think and there is nothing our brain cant do."

- R(Pune) 

"During my childhood I was always made fun of because of my complexion and height. It greatly affected my self esteem and made me feel very insecure. I would always try to just hide behind the crowd and be invisible. But it came to a point where it was taking over everything and I heard about Mystic and decided to try hypnosis. 

Suman very patiently dealt with me. Her compassion makes you feel warm and safe. With every passing session I became more confident and started to love myself for who I was. 

I would never be able to thank Suman enough for the change she has brought in my life. "

-K (Pune)